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What is Z9/FL=X?

Z9/fl=x is the industry’s most flexible, powerful, cloud-enabled access control service, supporting a wide variety of open and proprietary hardware.

Deployed in your cloud infrastructure, on-premise, or as an appliance, Z9/fl=x  is integrated with your software using a single, robust, elegant JSON/REST API.

Flexible Hardware

Z9/FL=X is flexible in its hardware support. It supports all z9/op=n compliant hardware in the ecosystem, of course, but also an ever-growing list of additional hardware, including Allegion, Assa Abloy, dormakaba, and Mercury Security. Wired, wireless, and offline smart locks are all supported.

Z9/FL=X worries about all the platform-specific differences so that you don’t have to. All through a single unified data model and API. And because we are continuously adding support for new platforms, your Z9/FL=X integration is future-proof.

Flexible Software

Z9/FL=X is flexible in how it can be deployed – in any container-based cloud infrastructure, such as AWS ECS, Azure, or Google Cloud, and can be scaled as needed for systems of any size. On-premise and appliance deployments are also supported.Because you deploy Z9/FL=X how and where you choose, you’re fully in control of data, privacy, security, and any hosting costs.

Z9/FL=X is flexible in its feature set – it can be used for any vertical, including commercial, higher-ed, multifamily, or government.

Ready to Rock & Roll

Z9/FL=X is fully in production with a number of major security software vendors. It is mature, robust, and penetration-tested.

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